YouTube PREMIERE of People Have the Power (2020) by Karen Allen, written by Patti Smith


Karen Allen sings People Have the Power, an up-tempo modern rock remake of Patti Smith's anthemic song. The remake is super-charged with energy and a message for our time! In order to adhere to social distancing standards to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Karen gathered clips from friends showing their new #stayhome normal, and combined those with footage she shot while driving around her neighborhood and at the West Side Wonder Mural in Charleston, WV.

People Have the Power (2020) features the voice of Karen Allen, Ken Stringfellow (keys, guitar), Andy Park (guitar), Ammed Solomon (drums), and Dallas Craft (bass). People Have the Power (2020) was produced and mixed by Ken Stringfellow, engineered by Eddie Ashworth, and mastered by Frankie Siragusa. People Have the Power first appeared on Dream of Life released in 1988 by rock icon, poet and acclaimed author Patti Smith. Ad revenue paid to copyright owner

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Album Name: (Single) Artist Name: Karen Allen Song Name: People Have the Power Copyright: license #1439451271 (HFA) ISRC: QZCFR2000013 Writer: Patti Smith Producer: Ken Stringfellow Engineer: Eddie Ashworth Mastering Engineer: Frankie Siragusa Publisher: BMG GOLD SONGS OBO STARTIUM MUSIC, BMG GOLD SONGS OBO DRUSE MUSIC