Friday Night Club: Online Live Music Hangout hosted by Karen Allen

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Livestream on StageIt, West Virginia, USA

Friday Night Club revives a tradition from when I lived in the East End neighborhood of Charleston, West Virginia, My friends and neighbors knew they were invited every Friday night to drop in--jam, cook yummy food, imbibe, etc. Sometimes there was a houseful, others it was more chill--but always a good time. Since we are all minimizing outings to stop the spread of the virus, you're invited into my home for a hangout--I'll play some songs for us, Q&A, chat, listen to rough mixes of my new record...?! Music and friendship will get us all through this. If you aren't yet familiar with Stageit... Artists decide when to play, what to play and how much they want to charge. Fans then buy virtual tickets to the show using virtual currency called "Notes" (1 Note = 10¢ USD). My show is pay what you want with a suggested donation of 35 notes (35 notes = $3.50). DM me if you need to be on the guest list instead. I have a few of those slots available as needed.

(1 note = 10 cents) pay what you can - nothing or something