FIGURE 6 Brand therapy

Figure 6 Brand Therapy

Developing an effective branding strategy that makes sense for you and your art business requires answering some tough questions.  Like...why did you get into art in the first place?  What parts of the work do you like the most and which parts do you dread?  Long-lasting brand identity is best established from a place of authenticity.  I invest time getting to know my clients and understand the strengths and motivations that make them unique.  Together we find something real and honest to build upon so that marketing and promoting your work feels genuine and more like a natural extension of your process.  

Figure 6 Brand Therapy specialises in helping artists recognise and eliminate barriers to their own success and transition to the world of virtual galleries and online teaching.  Figure 6 offers web development, strategic marketing,  and promotional tools for artists.   

*  Setup an online shop and sell your art (E-commerce)

*  Virtual art galleries (host your solo or group art show and promote it)

*  Website building and SEO development

*  Market research

*  Develop an art-based business plan and measure your progress

*  Create online content that gets you noticed

*  Gain insight and perspective on what makes your art unique and how to position yourself to reach more supporters and buyers

*  Access to a royalty-free music library for your promotional videos, social media posts and stories 

*  Jumpstart or revive your online teaching--the best platforms for you and your students

*  Coaching and tech tutorials specific to the needs of visual artist





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